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Are your teeth worn down, chipped, broken, misaligned, uneven, irregularly shaped, gapped, or discolored? If so, you may be a good candidate for veneers. Below, learn more about how they can grant you a Hollywood-ready smile. Have questions? Contact our office today!

veneers - justice dental

Sculpting Your Perfect Smile

You have likely heard someone say a celebrity with a perfect smile has veneers, but what are they? Veneers are extremely thin, individually sculpted shells of tooth-colored porcelain or resin made to cover the front surface of teeth, often for the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the teeth. Also, regardless of which celebrity you think has them or not, it is unlikely someone will be able to tell the difference between veneers and natural teeth, since they blend so seamlessly.

veneers - justice dental

What are the options?

Veneers are offered in two forms: porcelain and no prep. Unlike natural teeth, porcelain veneers are stain resistant, meaning you can drink coffee, tea, and wine without staining your teeth. No prep veneers are made of a resin composite and do not resist stains as well as porcelain, nor do they mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth as well as porcelain does.

While porcelain veneers have advantages over no prep veneers, no prep veneers require less time and money than porcelain veneers, because porcelain veneers require removal of more of the tooth surface before they can be attached. To some extent, both types of veneers require the tooth surface be thinned out to fit the veneer shell on the tooth and within the mouth, while also providing adequate adhesion. The adhesive bond between the surface of the tooth and the veneer is important to the function of the veneer as a tooth.


My teeth are straight… do I need them?

Veneers aren’t solely used to make teeth straighter and longer. In addition to their use to better shape your teeth, they can be used to fix various other dental issues. Since veneers are colored a bright white, people with teeth that are resistant to or incapable of professional whitening can benefit from the brightening qualities offered by veneers. Another use of veneers is to fix irregularly shaped, gapped, overlapped, broken, or otherwise misshapen teeth by filling in the empty spaces or reshaping the teeth.

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Why you should get Veneers

Veneers can provide a more natural tooth appearance than other dental products. As said previously, they’re more stain resistant than natural teeth and can whiten teeth that were previously thought to be unable to be whitened. Additionally, veneers allow patients to change the overall look of their teeth without the complete reshaping of their underlying teeth, like what must be done with crowns. 

Check with your Justice Dental dentist to see if veneers are right for you. People with decay, gum disease, weakened teeth, deficient enamel, and problems with grinding their teeth are, usually, not suitable for veneers. However, people who grind their teeth can still get veneers, but they must be fitted with a mouth guard to protect their veneers from being ground down while they sleep. Your Justice Dental dentist will help you determine if you’re a good candidate. 

 veneers - justice dental


Caring for your Porcelain Veneers

Just like with natural teeth, veneers require brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings. While cracking and chipping is rare, they do wear down over time and must be replaced every 5 to 10 years. So, if you get veneers initially, you must plan for replacements in the future. With the help of Justice Dental, not only can you get your perfect, celebrity smile, but we can help keep your smile looking pristine for a long time to come!

Remember: while veneers can enhance the look of your smile, flossing every day and having professional cleanings at least twice a year is key to having not only a beautiful smile, but a healthy smile. Your smile is as unique as you are, and we want to help you protect it.

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We’re Not Your Average Lexington Dentist

From the moment you step into our office you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t your average Lexington dentist office. Our mission is to deliver the very best cosmetic dentistry, as well as whole health, anti-aging dentistry by providing 

We promise to keep customer service and patient comfort as our top priority, all while delivering the very best treatments and procedures available today in any Lexington dentist – whether it’s delivering the perfect smile, reconstructing your whole mouth, or helping you identify or prevent whole health wellness.

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We are world class, proudly nestled right here in Lexington, Kentucky. From one of the top 25 dentists in the nation to handpicked teams of doctors, hygienists, surgeons and dental specialists – we create natural, beautiful, and healthy smiles which function with optimal comfort and durability. Looking for the best dentist in Lexington? Look no further! 

Contact us today, and learn more about how we can help you design your perfect smile!

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