He traveled 7 continents
before finding his smile!



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be called up to active duty and travel 7 continents in 10 years to defend our country? Aaron knows and he shared his story with us at Justice Dental.

If you know us, we serve a lot of military guys at Justice Dental. We are honored to share in their stories and are thankful that these brave men and women who sacrifice everything to protect our country would honor us by allowing us to be their trusted guide when it comes to dentistry. Aaron is a long time patient of ours. He is a Sergeant in the armed forces and came to us before his deployment overseas. We provided the normal check up and cleaning before he left for his first tour of duty. He had some teeth that were fractured from clinching and grinding in his sleep and we really wanted to address these, however, he was to deploy the next day. We sent him off with a dental goodie bag and said we were thinking of him and would look forward to seeing him when he made it back home hopefully soon.

Unfortunately for Sergeant Aaron, his grinding only got worse while he was deployed (as you can imagine). He went to his military dental clinic and they did what they could to keep him in service. This continued for several tours in several countries until he finally made it back to our office. At this point his damaged teeth had been removed and was now wearing a Denture. Honestly, he was embarrassed to smile because he hated the way his Denture looked and felt like everyone could tell it was a Denture. He said he had traveled all around the world and 8000 miles back to our office so he could “get his smile back”. First off, we thanked him for his service to our country and we explained to him that no one should have to wear a denture like that and that we would take care of him.

He asked about what he called a fixed denture. We talked about different options with him and ultimately he decided on a Conventional Denture after we explained that we could create a denture that was indistinguishable from his natural teeth, including the gums. We even would be able to tint the color of the gum tissue to make it look extremely natural. He would be able to pull the lips up and you would not even be able to tell it was a conventional denture. He was so excited to hear that we had a plan like this for him. We discussed the fact that this was not the same as the economy denture he had been wearing and that it would cost a little more but would be so worth it in the long haul. He was all-in and we started the process that day!

At Justice Dental, we use the best labs, the best materials, and the newest training and techniques to create an amazingly natural and beautiful denture that will look so much like your natural teeth, no one will know the difference. We apply the same level of skill and technique on an affordable conventional denture that we do on our world class zirconia hybrid denture that is supported and secured by implants. Our doctors have an incredible amount of training in cosmetic dentistry and it shows on every denture we create, no matter the cost.

One of the things we really focus on is Facial Structure Design here at Justice Dental, which is just another way of saying that your smile should be designed to match the scale and shape of your entire face. For a lot of denture wearers, your not just replacing teeth, you are replacing lost bone and gum. When we design with all of these considerations, you look amazingly different and years younger. So your smile looks incredible and your face looks full and youthful. So many times, our patients have felt so self conscious about their smile that when we give them their new denture, and sit them up to show them their new look, they almost always say the same thing: WOW!
Sergeant Aaron was no different. He was absolutely amazed at how much better he looked and how great his new denture felt and performed. He said he was so excited that he was going straight from the office to eat a big steak for the first time in years!

Although a new denture is an easy procedure, it will be life changing for you if you have an ill-fitting economy denture like Sergeant Aaron had. Take a look at his before and after pictures and imagine how you would feel with a new denture from Justice Dental.