Before Full Mouth Reconstruction

Before Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some of Life’s greatest experiences come out of some of our deepest challenges. That was the case for Danielle. Danielle came into our Justice Dental office and it was obvious to everyone, she had absolutely no confidence in herself and especially her smile. She had for many reasons, experienced rapid decay in all her teeth. She was left with only 7 teeth on the top and the bottom and they were extremely discolored. She literally walked with her head down. We immediately recognized that she was a beautiful person. She just wanted her smile to reflect her inner beauty. She also told us that she really just wanted to fix her teeth so her daughter would not be embarrassed by her smile. And she wanted to be able to take pictures with her smiling together. It was obvious that she needed a full-mouth reconstruction.

Danielle drove 5 hours to come to Justice Dental because she heard Dr. Laura Justice was the most experienced dentist in the area at creating a beautiful full-mouth reconstruction. First thing we did was to tell her this was not her fault, and that if she trusted us, we would create a step by step plan to give her the smile she had been dreaming about all her life. 

We created a treatment plan that consisted of creating what is known as a PARTIAL DENTURE which is really just a TRADITIONAL DENTURE that only covers a portion of your entire smile area. Traditional Dentures are dentures held in the mouth by nothing other than passive retention. This means that impressions are taken of the mouth (without teeth) and dentures are fabricated precisely to the underlying gum.

After Full Mouth Reconstruction

After Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ultimately, she will come back in for the placement of some DENTAL IMPLANTS and an IMPLANT DENTURE or a DENTURE HYBRID will be created for her. This type of DENTURE is technically more like a fixed bridge rather than a denture. Normally, 4 or more implants are placed on the lower and upper arch and the IMPLANT DENTURE is actually fixed and secured to the implants in your mouth. The denture is then extremely stable and does not need to be removed at night-time. This gave Danielle time to spread the cost of the entire treatment plan over a longer period of time. 

The second part of the treatment plan included the design and milling of several new porcelain crowns. At Justice Dental we mill those in the office to best control the overall quality of each and every crown. Our crowns have no metal because nothing looks more beautiful and natural than porcelain. With the advanced technologies, it is no longer required to use metal to create a strong, beautiful, well performing crown. Since she had tried several times before to “fix her smile” unsuccessfully, she really wanted it to be done “right” this time. She really loved the fact that we could break this into a couple treatment processes so that she afford it. We explained that although this is a big investment in your health, nothing can create a more youthful look and give you incredible confidence than having a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. 

She told us that when she thought about what this was going to cost she had some tears. However, when she saw how amazing she looked with her new smile and how confident she now felt, those tears turned to tears of joy and elation. She also told us “it was the best money she had ever spent” As you can imagine when you look at the drastic transformation Danielle experienced that she has people asking her all the time who was able to create her amazing smile, she just tells them-“if you want to have a whole lot of joy in your life, go to Justice Dental and see Dr. Laura Justice. One of the best choices I have ever made!”

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