Teeth Whitening Services in Lexington, KY

Brighten Your Smile Up To Eight Shades Lighter

A woman who used teeth whitening services in Lexington, KY

Years of staining from coffee, tea, aging, smoking, and flavored drinks can be corrected with a comprehensive teeth whitening procedure. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Laura Justice and her hand-picked staff, you can experience results that return beauty back to your smile almost immediately.

Teeth whitening is  by far  the most popular cosmetic dental procedure that fits within almost any budget and the results are quick and painless. The treatment is very popular for its fast results and affordable cost.

There are technical differences between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Whitening means to lighten your teeth by removing discoloration caused from staining foods and beverages (berries, coffee, wine, tea, etc). This stain removal brightens teeth back to their naturally white stage. Bleaching refers to lightening a tooth from the inside-out. Bleaching brightens the inside of the tooth, called dentin,  making the whole natural tooth whiter.

We provide take-home kits and offer in-office procedures to accommodate patients with varied treatment preferences. Teeth whitening procedures provide an opportunity for you to achieve a radiant and glamorous smile.  Our teeth whitening procedures provide dramatic results that immediately improve the look of your smile.

At Justice Dental, it is not uncommon for teeth to become up to eight shades lighter from one of our in-office procedures. You will notice the difference the same day of the treatment.

Our teeth-whitening procedures do not involve any intense surgical techniques and are quite painless. The results are also very long-lasting.

Am I A Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

Everyone can benefit from teeth whitening or teeth bleaching! Even very dark grey teeth can be whitened to some degree. For extreme cases, usually involving tooth discoloration due to pharmaceutical drugs like tetracycline, teeth whitening is still possible and veneers offer an alternative solution.

What Is The Active Ingredient?

Hydrogen Peroxide is often used in teeth whitening procedures. The peroxide enters the teeth and whitens inside the layers of dentin in your teeth.

How Is The Whitening Material Applied?

At Justice Dental, we perform only the latest and greatest cosmetic dental procedures. We remain on the cutting edge of whitening technology and offer several systems, depending on your needs. There are strips and custom trays for home use and in-office procedures for immediate results.

How Long Do My Results Last?

Results from teeth whitening depend on which system you are using and how dark your teeth were before the treatment. If you avoid foods and beverages that stain your teeth, then the whiter results can last a very long time. Justice Dental offers touch up treatments that restore the brightened effects of the procedure and can be used to maintain the whitest shade possible.

How White Will My Teeth Become?

The average patient can expect to achieve whitening five shades lighter. If your teeth are very white to begin with, you can still expect an improvement of a few shades lighter. If you have darker teeth, the correct procedure can improve your smile up to eight shades lighter.

Quality Guarantee Agreement

We understand that most people have some fear about being in pain and the financial investment when going to the dentist. We pledge our commitment to providing an extraordinary service in a relaxed spa-like atmosphere. We are committed to working with you to create a long-term plan that fits your budget.