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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Justice Dental has a few tips to keep your teeth healthy during this wonderful feasting holiday.


We fully understand and agree that Thanksgiving is synonymous with stuffing, rolls, pies, cakes and all the other wonderful goodies that take over the table. This carbohydrate-rich, sugary diet can really do a number on your oral health; however, there are some easy ways you can combat cavities while still enjoying your mother’s famous pecan pie.

  • Try to keep your meal as balanced as possible. If you decide to eat a heaping portion of carb-heavy foods, then balance that with a nice portion of protein and vegetables. This will help offset some of the acids produced when sugars and bacteria in the mouth come together to attack.
  • Avoid consuming massive amounts of sticky foods. Because sticky foods take longer to chew, the food stays in the mouth longer, thus increasing your risk of decay and cavities.

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  • Even if you are just going for the day, take your travel toothbrush with you to your Thanksgiving Day destination. That way, you can brush your teeth after eating, which will cut down on your risk of cavities and limit you from continually snacking after the meal. If you don’t have a way to brush your teeth, then try to rinse your mouth out with water to remove as much debris and acid as possible.
  • Keep the snacking to a minimum. During the Thanksgiving festivities, people tend to spend the whole day mingling and constantly eating. The problem with this, however, is that every time you eat something, it creates acids. Spend time with family playing games rather than grazing all day, and it will cut down on the buildup of cavity-causing agents.



By following these simple Thanksgiving dental care tips, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy while still enjoying your Thanksgiving treats. Happy Thanksgiving from our Dental Family to yours!


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