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How to Choose the Best Dentures for Your Teeth

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, about 15% of Americans with missing teeth get dentures each year. If you’ve lost any of your teeth over time, you may want to consider joining them. The best Lexington dentist will be able to help you with getting dentures. But you will need to spend some time learning about the different types of dentures before picking out the ones that’ll be the right option for you. It’ll help you embrace the many benefits of dentures from the start.

So, what are the different types of dentures, and how exactly should you go about choosing dentures? We’ve created a guide that’ll help you pick the right ones out.

Discover how to choose dentures through the best Lexington dentist below.

Begin by Finding the Best Lexington Dentist

If you know you might need to go through the process of getting dentures soon, you may be tempted to jump online to start learning about the different types of dentures right away. But you’ll be making a mistake if you take this approach to buying dentures.

Prior to doing any research on dentures, you should search for the best Lexington dentist. They’ll be able to guide you down the right path as you seek to choose the dentures that’ll prove to be a perfect fit for you.

There is certainly no shortage of options in the U.S. today, as there are more than 200,000 dentists throughout the country at the moment. This includes quite a few options in the Lexington area.

Your job will be to find one that has a wealth of experience, especially when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and dentures in particular. A dentist like this will be able to speak with you at length about getting dentures and can even offer up advice on which ones to choose.

Check Out the Different Types of Dentures

Once you have the best Lexington dentist in your corner, you can start to educate yourself on the different types of dentures that are out there. You may be surprised to see how many of them there are.

Some of the types of dentures that’ll be available to you will include:

  • Traditional complete dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Snap-in dentures
  • Custom dentures

In some cases, it’ll be relatively obvious which type of dentures you need. If, for example, you’re missing just about all your teeth, traditional complete dentures might be the only real option for you.

But there will also be other instances in which you might be able to choose from any number of types of dentures. This will be when you’ll need to put some real thought into it and select the best option of the bunch.

Consider the Right Factors When Choosing Dentures

There will be a handful of different factors you’ll need to consider when you’re choosing dentures. The current condition of your teeth will be one of the top factors, but it’ll be far from the only factor you’ll need to keep in mind.

Here are several other factors that should be considered when you’re comparing the different types of dentures and trying to choose one over all the rest:

  • Your specific comfort level when it comes to wearing dentures
  • Your budget for buying dentures
  • The dental requirements you’ll need to meet to wear certain types of dentures

Each of these factors will play a big part in which dentures will be the right ones for you. Make sure you take each of them into account as you set out to decide which dentures you’d like to buy.

See How to Care for the Various Kinds of Dentures

From the second that you start wearing dentures, you’re going to need to get yourself into the habit of maintaining them. If you fail to clean your dentures in the right way, it’ll lead to you having to replace them much sooner than expected.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose dentures that will be very easy to care for at all times. At the very least, you should make it a point to see what the maintenance associated with each type of denture is like. It’ll let you know what you’ll be in for if you decide to go with one kind of denture over the others.

Talk to Your Trusted Dentist About Dentures

If you’ve never had dentures before, you’ll likely have a million and one questions about them. You’ll wonder what will keep them in place, what they’ll be made out of, and so much more.

It’s one more reason why it’s worth taking your time when you’re trying to track down the best Lexington dentist. You’ll be able to run any and all questions you have about dentures by this dentist to make yourself feel more comfortable about getting them.

In a perfect world, you’ll also be able to continue to see this dentist as you move forward so that they can help you take great care of your dentures. You’ll appreciate having the best Lexington dentist around on your side since they’ll be ready to help you at every turn.

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