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5 Tips for Choosing a Teeth Whitening Service

There’s a world record for the most expensive “Grillz” (diamond bling for your teeth) ever worn, and it was set by Katy Perry and her $1,000,000 diamond mouth sparkler. Everyone loves a sparkling smile, but going to such an extreme is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people would happily opt for an excellent teeth whitening service instead.

Our extreme diamond-studded example also shows that a higher price does not always guarantee a product better suited to your needs. Keep these five tips in mind when you’re looking for dental services that will fit you best.

1. Going At Home or In-Office

If you’re the type of person who needs a brighter smile because you’re constantly at marketing events or doing social media campaigns, then you’re also probably incredibly busy. In-office teeth whitening will give you the brightest teeth you can get, but it may be difficult to rely solely on visiting dental services.

This is where teeth whitening strips, toothpaste, and powders can do a lot as part of your approach to teeth whitening. You’ll also want to make sure you have a good toothbrush and that you’re changing your toothbrush every six to eight months. This way, you can schedule in-office teeth whitening every time you need it for a shoot or event, but when you’re busy with day-to-day tasks you don’t have to overburden your itinerary.

We should add that at-home solutions like whitening strips or toothpaste don’t have an immediate effect. It can take many days or even a few weeks before you start seeing the results you desire. For the best and most balanced results, it’s best to start with a teeth whitening visit at a dental service and then use the at-home products to maintain the effect for longer.

2. Would a Lifestyle Change Work Better

Many things can cause tooth discoloration. Some of them are hard or impossible to change like environmental or genetic factors. Others, such as smoking or dietary issues, are much easier to change because they involve cheaper and easier lifestyle adjustments than, say, moving to a different place with different drinking water.

Teeth whitening services will definitely help make your teeth whiter regardless of the underlying cause of discoloration, but ask yourself whether you wouldn’t rather give up smoking or build better dental hygiene habits if at all possible. These are longer-term solutions that will also benefit many other areas of your general health, not just how your smile looks.

3. Cosmetic or Medical Reasons

Another factor to consider is whether you’re getting teeth whitening in response to a more severe underlying problem. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that’s meant to remove discoloration from your teeth.

If the discoloration is from corrosive foods, long-term hygiene issues, or a form of mouth disease, then it may be a good idea to improve your dental health first before opting for the cosmetic upgrade. Preventative dentistry and other such services will affect your image too, so you won’t necessarily be choosing between health and looks when making your decision.

This consideration is important because putting off necessary medical interventions may lead to discomfort and higher costs in the future. Rather pay for preventative dentistry now than face much more expensive health risks and reconstructions later down the road.

4. Consider the Price

Modern times are forcing us to consider the cost of things more and more. When you’re weighing up all these factors, it is important to ask yourself what the end goal’s monetary worth is.

For many people like estate agents or influencers, a brighter smile can have a direct positive effect on their business. Even the confidence boost may make you a more effective salesperson. In these cases, you may want to get the combined in-office and at-home treatments.

You don’t have to be the face of your business for it to be worth it, though. The confidence boost on its own may speak to your value as a person. This can also help you figure out if the service is worth the price.

To help you figure out if it is worth it, you can find out about the average price of teeth whitening in the US. As far as cosmetic dentistry goes, teeth whitening is on the cheaper end of the spectrum of procedures. This makes it a viable option for most people.

5. Look at Teeth Whitening Service Reviews

When you’ve settled that you want to go forward with teeth whitening and have a plan to pay for it, then you’ll want to find the best service available. At this point, you’re going to want to have a look at reviews, testimonials, prices (again), and location.

Why prices and location? Well, if you see that the “dental service” offers laser teeth whitening services out of the industrial district on a cash-only basis, that’s a “dentist” you may want to avoid. The price and business location should be up to a standard you can reasonably expect for general dentistry.

More important, however, are the service’s testimonials and reviews. These are clients’ opinions on the standard of the service and their satisfaction with the service. Be sure to look at the reviews the service posts on their site as well as what people say about them on Facebook and Google.

Something to note about reviews on public sites like Google is that a larger number of reviews delivers a more unbiased result. If Google says 4.7 stars and has over 500 reviews while Trustpilot says 3.2 stars but only has 6 reviews, Google will be more accurate.

Find the Best Dental Solution for You Today

When you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened, consider whether you want to do it at home or go to a clinic (or both), think about whether you’re looking for a cosmetic or medical fix, and whether a lifestyle change may not be what’s needed. You should also take the different services’ reviews and prices into account. These are our five tips for choosing a whitening service, but if you have other queries then definitely give them some good thought too.

Once you’ve run through our list and determined that a teeth whitening service is a good fit for you, contact us for a service you can trust. Our cosmetic dentistry is second to none and we’ll be happy to help you.