Give Me One Day and I’ll Give You a Smile That Says Wow

Dr. Thompson at Justice Dental in Lexington, Kentucky, talks about an incredible same day smile procedure that takes someone from a Partial Denture to an amazingly natural and beautiful smile all in one day!

Sandra came into the office and told us that she had been wearing the Partial Denture for many years and she was hoping there was some kind of a solution to improve her smile. Dr. Thompson told her he had a new procedure that would provide dramatic results all in one day.

Her Problem Was The Same as Most Denture Wearers

Sandra told us the reasons why she did not like her current Partial Denture. She had a removable devise with metal clasps and acrylic teeth that were very unattractive. She said she felt very self-conscience every time she smiled because you could see the metal clasps and the bad looking denture that did not look realistic. 

She also said that simply speaking was unnatural and when she ate, the back of the denture would move up and down which made it hard to eat. In general, she was having a tough time wearing it.

She Just Wanted to Be Able To Smile and Feel Confident

Sandra wanted to just be able to talk, eat and smile in a social setting without feeling embarrassed. We told her that everyone deserves to be able to feel comfortable in when they are out in a group setting and have beautiful, functional teeth that would look and work natural.

We Have Amazing New Dental Technology

Dr. Thompson told her he saw that same problem before and that it was very common with most denture wearers. He then explained an amazing new technology called a Hybrid Denture which he thought would be ideal for her. A Dental Hybrid Denture is a Denture supported by 5-6 dental implants. The Dental Hybrid then fastens to the Dental Implant with screws that hold it fixed in place. It never comes in and out, and stays in forever.

Sandra Needed A Blueprint For Her Smile

At Justice Dental we have the tools to create the perfect blueprint for her smile. In the same way you would never build a house without a blueprint, we would never build a smile without one either. We start with a digital scan of your mouth using a cone-beam X-ray which gives you an incredible 3D picture of your entire mouth. 

We Created An Amazingly Beautiful Smile

Because we have some of the best smile designers in the world, you know you are in great hands. Your blueprint will include and amazingly beautiful all porcelain dental hybrid, teeth and gums which look incredible and realistic! They great thing is you can see exactly what they will look like before construction starts. 

She Went To Sleep And Woke Up With A WOW Smile!

Sandra wanted us to give her IV Sedation on her procedure day. So she came in, got her IV Sedation and we installed her Dental Implants and her Dental Hybrid Denture all in one day as she caught up on some much needed sleep. We provided her with constant care and medical monitoring the entire time she was enjoying the IV Sedation. She told us she would never do it any other way!

We Have The Entire Team Right Here in One Place

Because Dr. Thomson is accredited in the AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) and Dr. Laura Justice is an accredited Fellow in the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) are both right here at Justice Dental means you have the absolute best experts doing this procedure. 

How It Works

  1. Come in for a consult
  2. We Build your Blueprint
  3. Get your Amazing New Smile

Become the Envy of All Your Friends

Sandra came into the office feeling embarrassed about her smile and had trouble eating and speaking properly. She literally left later that day with a Beautiful Smile that gave her the ability to talk, eat and smile like never before. She told us people come up to her all the time and tell her what a great smile she has. It is as if she never lost a tooth.

Get the Smile You Have Always Dreamed of All in One Day!

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