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Whitening, Crowns, and Implants, Oh My! Cosmetic Dental Work 101

Whether you want whiter teeth or a straighter smile, cosmetic dental work can make it happen.

Before you talk to your dentist about this type of work, it’s important to know which procedures will help to improve your specific condition.

Read on to discover some helpful information about cosmetic dentistry so you can decide which options are right for you.

Dental Crowns

Crowns can protect a damaged tooth or cover a dental implant, and they’re typically used when a cavity has become too large. Over time, the cavity or abscess can threaten the integrity of the entire tooth. Rather than having it pulled, crowns for teeth protect what’s left and restore your natural smile.

This cosmetic dental work uses a special adhesive to attach the crown to your tooth, completely encapsulating the damaged tooth underneath. You’ll find dental crowns made of a variety of materials include resin, ceramic, and porcelain. 

Porcelain crowns are a popular option when you have one covering a tooth for cosmetic purposes. Due to its close resemblance to a natural tooth, many patients opt for porcelain since it looks more natural than resin or ceramic. 

Your cosmetic dentist may encourage you to get a crown to protect a weak, decaying, or cracked tooth. It can also restore the appearance of damaged teeth that are visibly worn or cover a discolored tooth to make your smile look white and even again.

In some cases, crowns are needed to secure a dental bridge or cover a large filling when not much of the original tooth is left. On average, dental crowns can last between five and 15 years, depending on how well you take care of it and your oral habits. 

Avoid chewing on ice, biting your fingernails, or grinding your teeth if you get a dental crown. With a bit of conscious care, this cosmetic dental work is a good option to restore a healthy smile.

Cosmetic Dental Work: Teeth Whitening

Yellowing or discolored teeth can hurt your smile and have negative effects on your self-confidence. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening can help to restore your teeth to their original beautiful white color.

You can purchase whitening toothpaste or dental whitening kits from most drugstores if you want to try this at home. However, a cosmetic dentist has access to more powerful tools and whitening products that will ensure you get your bright white smile back.

Aside from its effectiveness, professional teeth whitening works much faster than the DIY methods you’d try at home. On the other hand, the procedure costs much more and may not give you the results you desire. How white your smile looks after treatment will depend on your age, how much staining is present, and other factors.

Some store-bought whitening products can cause irritation of the gums. New professional products use thicker peroxide gels and contain other ingredients that will prevent your teeth and gums from feeling sore or inflamed.

Most teeth whitening treatments use a special gel that bleaches your teeth white. Depending on the technique your dentist uses or the severity of the stain, a bright light is also used to increase the intensity and speed of the whitening treatments.

Your dentist will check your gums for hypersensitivity. Too much bleach, peroxide, or other chemicals can cause pain and irritation in some patients. If that’s the case with you, they’ll likely recommend less potent treatments you can try at home.

Dental Implants

For those who need a permanent solution to dental woes, implants can be an excellent choice. Dental implants use a small metal post made of titanium or another type of metal to replace the root of the tooth.

An abutment or connector is built into the top of the dental implant and is attached to the replacement tooth. A crown and replacement tooth are then custom-fabricated to match your natural teeth as closely as possible. You can get one dental implant or several depending on your budget and your needs.

While dental implants cost more than some other cosmetic dental work, they’re a permanent fix for people with serious dental issues. The ability to have each tooth custom made ensures that the final outcome looks as natural as possible.

Once the dental implant procedure is complete, your new teeth will not make clicking sounds or slip when you eat or talk. Aside from the many cosmetic benefits of dental implants, they also stay securely in place to keep your jawbone intact. Your facial structure should not be affected nor change after getting dental implants.

You may think that getting dental implants is a complicated or even dangerous process. However, this is considered a routine procedure and is now a common preference of thousands of patients and dentists alike due to its high success rate. If your jawbone is strong and can support the implant, you’re likely a good candidate.

Another perk to getting dental implants is that they’re not vulnerable to cavities or decay since they’re made of materials that are not affected in the same way that your natural teeth are. As soon as your dental implants and the areas around them heal, you can continue to brush and floss normally.

Restore Your Smile Today

With the right cosmetic dental work, you can restore your smile and get your confidence back. From teeth whitening and porcelain crowns to dental implants, each of these procedures is designed to help you look and feel your best.

If you’re interested in any of these services, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our professional dentists in Lexington to find out how we can help.