TMJ Pain

TMJ Pain refers to the temporomandibular joint which is the complex joint system that connects the upper and lower jaws. Typically, the pain most people experience is muscular in nature.



There are muscles that attach to ligaments and to the disc that pads between the movable lower ball joint and the upper stationary socket; and therefore, the term TMJ is widely known. There are extreme cases of disc deterioration and joint arthritis that are skeletal in nature and the treatment of these types of pain are very different.

There is a dental appliance that can be used to detect if this is a muscular issue called an NTI appliance. This appliance is also excellent for migraine headache sufferers. In the meantime, try these exercises!

1. Put your mouth through resistance training to help with tmp pain!

  • Place your thumb under your chin, and open your mouth slowly by lowering your jaw while still applying pressure with your thumb.
  • Hold your mouth open for 3 to 6 seconds then slowly close your mouth. Repeat 3 to six times.

2. Exercise the joint in the opposite direction.

  • Open your mouth, and pinch your jaw by placing your thumb underneath your chin and your index finger below your lower lip.
  • Apply resistance as you close your mouth.  Repeat 3 to 6 times.

3. Hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth and slowly open and close your jaw. Repeat several times.


4. Use side to side movement to exercise your jaw.

  • Place a pencil between your teeth, and move your jaw slowly to one side then the other. Repeat several times, using a thicker object as the exercise becomes less challenging.

5. Use forward and backward motion to exercise your jaw.

  • Place a pencil between your teeth, and move your bottom jaw out so that your lower teeth are farther forward than your upper teeth. Repeat several times, and use a thicker object as the exercise becomes less challenging.

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