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Smile With Confidence: 8 Incredible Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening in Lexington KY

If you’re looking to go a few shades lighter on your pearly whites, you’re in good company.

According to a recent national survey, a staggering 45 million Americans have had a professional teeth whitening treatment. 

A quick peek down the drugstore aisle shows shelves loaded with teeth whitening products competing for the same glimmering results.

But to get the brightest and most dazzling smile, book an appointment with a professional. Not only is an in-office session faster and safer, but it also gives you an instant boost of self-confidence. 

There are other dental health reasons to seek out a consultation for teeth whitening in Lexington, KY.

Read on to learn the top 8 incredible benefits of having your teeth whitened by your dentist or dental hygienist.

1. A Whiter Smile

One of the main benefits of having your teeth brightened by a professional is gaining the whitest smile possible.

Dentists use a professional-strength whitening gel that contains hydrogen and carbamide peroxides. Those chemicals are more effective in bleaching the teeth of stains and discoloration.

The good news: dentists can whiten the color of your teeth a dramatic 8 shades lighter. 

Over-the-counter kits (whether they come in strips, trays, or gel pens) contain a weaker peroxide concentration. That means expect your teeth to only go 2 to 3 shades lighter. 

Another downside to the one-size-fits-all boxed version: an uneven self-application could lead to different shades of white.

A professional teeth whitening session will give you optimal results to achieve the brightest and most even shade.

2. Safe and Pain-free

One of the best things about professional teeth whitening is that it is safe and painless.

Some store-bought kits can be messy and hard to apply. The hydrogen peroxide gels can ooze out of ill-fitting trays and cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

A dentist will isolate the teeth and protect other surfaces in your mouth to ensure the chemical bleaching agent won’t harm the gums, cheeks, or tongue.

3. A Faster Process  

Going with a dentist offers the shortest path to a dazzling smile.

In-office professional teeth whitening treatments can take between 60 to 90 minutes from start to finish. Compare that to at-home kits that take 2 to 4 weeks and need several applications.

Many dentists also offer the option of a take-home kit and custom trays, depending on a patient’s treatment preferences.

4. Longer-lasting Results

A Lexington, KY teeth whitening specialist will not only be a significant time-saver, but the results will last longer.

Since dentists use a stronger concentration of the bleaching agent, a gleaming smile can last from 1 to 3 years.

Store-bought teeth whitening products vary in strength and are only effective for several months.

Experts recommend avoiding foods that stain your teeth, so your smile stays white as long as possible.

5. A Personalized and Professional Treatment

One of the benefits of teeth whitening solutions performed in a dentist’s office is getting a customized treatment plan.

A dentist will examine your teeth and identify any potential oral health issues. Also, expect a thorough dental cleaning to get rid of any plaque or tartar build-up.

An examination can root out the cause of tooth discoloration. Perhaps the yellowed or grayed teeth are superficial and caused by coffee, red wine, or smoking. Maybe there’s a deeper, intrinsic problem inside the tooth tissue.

Without a professional consultation, you might be spending money on needless over-the-counter products and neglecting a serious dental issue.

6. Choose Your Shade

One huge advantage is the flexibility of picking the shade for a brilliant smile.

Most professional teeth whitening procedures can go up to 8 shades lighter. The average patient can expect to see noticeable results by going 5 shades lighter.

Some dentists offer the specialized KoR Whitening system to lighten teeth up to 16 shades or more and give patients a stunning smile.

But some patients might not want the full wattage.

Before a dentist whitens your teeth, they will discuss the shade options and help you choose the level of white that’s right for you. 

Keep in mind only natural teeth can be whitened. If you have crowns or veneers, it’s best to choose a shade that blends in.

It’s also possible to replace dental restorations after a whitening. Consult your dentist for the most up-to-date professional advice.

7. A Jolt of Self-Esteem

Let’s face it: having a beaming white smile gives you a jolt of self-esteem and an instant boost in confidence. 

You walk taller. Have better posture. Smile more.

A recent scientific study showed that the simple movement of a smile — even unintentional — can make your brain think happier thoughts. Another study concluded a smile makes people more attractive.

8. Improved Oral Health

A smile makeover, no matter what shade you choose, leads to an enhanced set of teeth and leaves them stronger and healthier.

To keep your teeth looking their shiniest, you’re more likely to maintain an oral hygiene routine that includes daily brushing and flossing and regular check-ups at the dentist, and cleanings.

Seek Out Teeth Whitening in Lexington, KY 

Now that you know the advantages of a revitalized glowing smile schedule a consultation with a professional today.

Don’t leave first impressions on a store-bought kit that can bring uncertain results.

A professionally tailored approach will have you beaming and keep you on the road to better oral health.

For teeth whitening in Lexington, KY, contact the specialists at Justice Dental for a personalized and professional teeth whitening solution.