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5 Questions to Ask Your Lexington Dentist During Your Next Visit

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If you’re like many Americans who feel anxious at their dentist visit, your mind probably goes blank. Have you considered that asking the right questions might help you and your dentist take better care of your teeth?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, almost a third of adults in the U.S. have untreated dental caries (tooth decay)! According to that same source, less than two-thirds of them visited the dentist in the past year. Unfortunately, only half of adults attend a dental visit at the recommended six-monthly interval.

If you want to take great care of your mouth, you need to treat a dental visit like a primary care appointment. Ask the right questions and understand your oral health so you can work together with your dentist.

Here, we’ll explain what to ask, how your dentist might answer, and what you should know. Read on!

1. Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

If you’re asking this question, there may be necessary changes. Because dental pain doesn’t always leave visual clues, this is a great example of why a patient’s questions are valuable to your Lexington dentist.

Your mouth pain may feel like a tooth problem, but instead could be an issue with your gums, for instance, if they are receding. By drawing attention to the pain, your dentist can x-ray the offending area and look for cracks or signs of tooth decay. Cracks can extend down to the root of the tooth, or a loose filling could be the cause.

Tooth sensitivity can be triggered by sugary or acidic foods, as well as hot or cold drinks. Your dentist will probably advise steering clear of foods that damage enamel. 

Brushing with too much force can damage the enamel and expose nerves, so your dentist may recommend switching to a softer brush. Additional treatments include toothpaste for sensitive teeth, fluoride gel, or sealants.

2. How Is My Dental Hygiene?

Although you may not want to hear the answer, it’s important to have a good idea of how you’re doing with your oral care routine. If you’re diligent with brushing twice a day for around two minutes and flossing once, you’re on the right track.

Don’t skip those bi-annual exams and cleanings. Bitewing x-rays are typically performed annually with a full mouth x-ray every 4-5 years. Patients at higher risk for tooth decay may require x-rays every six-months.

Let your Lexington dentist know if you have any bad habits that might impact your oral health. Tobacco products and grinding your teeth are known to be problematic, so ask your dentist for advice on solutions.

If you have a sweet-tooth, try and rinse your mouth out with water at times when you are unable to brush your teeth. Because sugary and acidic substances weaken the tooth enamel, dentists recommend waiting about an hour before brushing. If your dentist recommends any special rinse or fluoride gel, make sure to follow the directions.

Prescription mouthwash often kills bacteria that is responsible for gum irritation and plaque/biofilm. Unchecked gingivitis can escalate to full-blown gum disease.

Fluoride is a mineral that not only prevents the progression of tooth decay but can also reverse the early stages.

3. Do I Need a Cosmetic Dentist?

Do you have stains on the exterior surfaces of your dental enamel? Certain foods and drinks are known to stain teeth. The main offenders are coffee, wine, soda, and tobacco.

You might have considered tooth whitening, but you should be cautious about trying some of the over-the-counter and mail-order options. This is because some of the home whitening kits may be harsh on your dental enamel and may lead to tooth sensitivity. Your Lexington dentist will be able to advise you on professional teeth whitening options.

Some external staining may be from internal tooth damage, and if you aren’t happy with the appearance, your dentist can help. Veneers are one cosmetic option that can correct staining that bleaching won’t whiten. These thin covers on the front of your teeth are also perfect for correcting a chipped tooth or teeth worn down from grinding.

If you have missing teeth, implants can restore your smile, as well as your self-esteem. A tooth with extensive fillings may benefit aesthetically and functionally from a beautiful and natural-looking crown.

4. When Do You Need a Family Dentist?

If you’ve recently started a family, you’ll want to know when you need to start bringing your little ones in for dental visits. Pediatric dentists advise that a child should visit the dentist by their first birthday or within six months of the first tooth eruption.

Remember that your overall health can affect your dental health, including vitamin deficiencies, conditions like diabetes, and osteoporosis. Conversely, poor oral health can lead to negative overall health, increasing your risk of heart disease or stroke.

Be proactive in establishing good dental hygiene habits for your family.

5. Can You Correct My Misalignment?

Your Lexington dentist is skilled at preventative dentistry, fitting crowns, and applying dental sealants and bonds. We use non-metal resin fillings and offer a gum treatment/oral wellness program.

If you need a cosmetic smile restoration or other enhancement, we also have you covered. We can correct misalignment issues with clear braces, perform a gum lift (contouring), or provide a full mouth rehabilitation.

Whatever questions you still have, our highly trained staff are happy to answer them. Our friendly team members can make you an appointment and help you achieve a smile that says: “Wow!”

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