Full Mouth Reconstruction (FMR)

Full Mouth Reconstruction is a very complex and comprehensive treatment that requires a significant level of expertise and experience. Our doctors have decades of experience and hours of certification in the procedures that make this type of treatment possible. They have developed a systematic and phased approach to this rehabilitation and restorative treatment that begins with a consultation visit, thorough exam, and numerous detailed measurements and records. With these, we are able to create a diagnostic wax-up that acts as a blueprint plan of the entire procedure. Only after we plan and practice these aestheticly pleasing and functional outcomes, we will begin your treatment with confidence.

Full mouth reconstruction is needed when most of the existing teeth in the mouth need some type of restoration. If the bite is due to either loss of teeth or severely worn teeth the only good way to restore the proper function and long term survival of teeth is to completely restore the entire mouth. This type of treatment is considered complete or comprehensive dentistry and can be done in phases.

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